Jan 3, 2011

Diskeeper for better defragmentation

Diskeeper 2010 pro is a premier performance software. We have been saying you in our previous posts how to maintain system. So this is one of the best software which defragment's your hard disk and boosts your system performance.

What is special in this edition ?

1.It includes powerful fragmentation prevention technology that will boost the system performance.

2.It can even defrag bigger i.e huge files.

3.It doesn't effect your other work, it is completely invisible robust performance.

4. Uncompromising file and free space De-fragmentation. It even fragments full disks.

How can disk fragmentation help you in keeping your system safe.

You can ask me a question i.e "Why should I use when Windows itself gives us a De-fragmentation tool ?"

Yes! Windows gives you a basic De-fragmentation tool which helps only a little. If you use huge disks space and more than one hard disk you need this software. This is for a professional users and even basic can use this for the better performance of their system. 


Request for a patch file.

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