Jan 21, 2011

Documentary film about the Internet with John Draper in "Hack this Movie ".

If you are a Computer Geek or a hacker, You would definitely know about this person John Draper. So far i'm a huge fan of such a hacker.

A little knowledge about John Thomas Draper. He was born in 1943 aka Captain Cruch or Crunchman. He is a compute programmer and a former phone phreak.  He is a legendary figure within the computer programming world. He's the on who taught Steve about Phone Phreak i.e his equipment called as Blue Box. There was even an issue about this called as "Secrets of the little Blue Box". 

Fore more about Blue Box you can just Google it.

Recently his health wasn't that good but after the surgery he is quite responding towards the treatment well. Hope John Draper gets well soon :).

Now here comes the movie of this great historical figure called "Hack this Movie". You can watch the trialer or intro to this movie over here

few lines about the movie:
*This is not a Hollywood producation.

*Important needed interviews include Julian Assange, Bruce Schneier, John Gilmore and Bradly Manning. Mr Manning is incommunicado currently. We have 30 hours of footage and we need 20 more hours, maybe less.  from the Fan page at Facebook.

Click here to see the Press Release of the movie.

More about his at his page "WebCrunchers"

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