Jan 6, 2011

Excessive use of system causes Temporary files

When ever you open a file and close a file a shortcut or you can say it as a image is created in a temporary folder(%temp%). This is just for one click open or close, so when you install/uninstall software there will be a large number of temporary files. And when you uninstall a program most of the files won't be deleted, some remain in the system itself. When you do not delete these temporary files then it create a huge data of temporary files or in general words waste/dump in the system. If you want check out yourself press windows+r(Run command) at a time;
type %temp% and click ok;
you can see the temporary files in your system. 

By erasing this you can free your system and programs will run much faster after deleting these temporary files.

This is the most useful tips to "Go Green". There are even much better idea's for "Go Green":

1. keep your drivers up-to-date, this will make your system performance better.
2. Use a black desktop wallpaper instead of using a high resolution or an animated or bright wallpapers.
3. regular cleaning of system, atleast once a week or if you have a little time to spend then, every time when you have time clean the temporary files.

  • Open my computer
  • Right click on c: drive(system drive) and then click properties
  • Diskclean and then delete all the temp, shortcuts, internet files etc.

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