Jan 4, 2011

Google: Behind the scenes, Documentary

This is a documentary of Google explaining the interior function of Google "Behind the scenes". Taking from the past to the present Internet has been picturized in this documentary. We all know that Google has been the fastest and the favorite for every user who want to search the internet. Two students who want to make their search as fast as possible, this was the basic start of Google. There are many other websites which give searches but Google is something far better than the others. 

This documentary takes a look into the world of Google, in the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California and in its London offices. We see --among others- Vint Cerf, named 'the father' of the Internet who explains the inner workings of Google as a company. Since 2004, Cerf has been working for Google, helping them to develop new applications for the Internet. What is his view on the development of the Internet, and on the role Google plays in today's world?

Watch this documentary to check out what it is ! Is Google the ultimate search engine? Is it what it’s supposed to be? This documentary is based on the complete journey of Google. It starts with the establishment of Google and ends up with many criticism about the amount of data the Google has. An insight look to what Google is all about.


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