Jan 10, 2011

Learn completely about Cloud Computing

From Virtualization Management to Cloud Computing

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 Join this session to learn about IBM’s proven approach to designing and implementing virtualization and cloud computing solutions using VMware and IBM integrated service management technologies.
This session will describe how IBM can help your organization design virtualization and cloud computing solutions, IBM service management technologies that are used in implementing cloud computing solutions and how IBM has used its expertise and IBM and VMware technology to build a Virtual Desktop Cloud. IBM is not only a cloud enabler, but also a cloud provider. Learn how IBM virtualization and cloud design and implementation services and tools can help your organization improve security & compliance, and reduce infrastructure and labor costs, while improving the end user experience with faster time to market for new services.

Learn how IBM’s Smart Business Desktop on IBM Cloud can help you improve end user security and compliance and reduce desktop PC support, which allows you to focus on your core business processes.

Jan Jackman, IBM Global Technology Services Vice President, End User Services and Cloud Infrastructure, IBM
Pratik Gupta, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Office of the CTO, Tivoli Software, IBM



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