Jan 12, 2011

Password Protect Your Folders in Windows OS

Password protection has become must to keep files safe from other users on computers... So today we'll learn how to secure them.

1. Through Administrator Account for XP, Windows vista & 7 =>>

Windows will not give an option to password protect your files or folders directly. So we need to play a small trick in windows. We can actually do it with the software but learning tricks without a software is something much to understand more about the OS. So lets get ahead:

First your need to password protect your User account to protect files. The below are steps how to :

a) Control Panel >> User Account >>  Create a password for your account >> Type your password

All set now your user account will be password protected. Time to secure files :

b) Now you can secure your files in My Documents, so now move the file which you want to make it secure to My Documents.

c) Right click on the folder and select properties for which you want to protect

d) Click on security tab >> Edit >> here you can control the permissions by selecting deny to the user account.

e) Here you can have different options to secure.

Full control: give whole permission
Read & execute: showing a file and can be executed
Modify: Modify any text or any other documents
Read: Only access the files
Write: You can write/copy any file into the protected folder

2. Protect using Compression of the files =>>

Here you can use some compression softwares like Winrar or 7-Zip

a) Install the compression software

b) Now you can think about 2 things( The below selection depends on user)  i.e
            # Create a universal folder to protect your secure data (Here a single folder is created and all the      data wanted to be protected can be moved to this universal folder)
            # Protect each files separately i.e individually

c) Right click on the folder >> Add to Archive >> Name the archive >> OK(now your archive is created)

d) Open the archived folder >> file option >> Set a default password or Ctrl+P >> Enter your password >> OK

e) Now the file and the password is set. You can now move the files which you want to protect into this archive. You can move this archive anywhere in the computer or transfer to other storage devices.

3. Using a third-Party software to protect =>>

a) Folderlock is the best software so far which I have been using for a long time to protect my files on hard-disk. This software is one of the most comprehensive and full-featured applications available for folder protection. It's fast, easy to use, and includes advanced encryption to make sure no one can possibly access your private files and folders. It works great in Vista and Windows 7, and it's regularly updated with new, useful features.


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