Feb 20, 2011

Cybercops (2000)

Info about Movie:
Cybercops is a Channel 4 UK documentary first aired on December 21st 2000. The documentary offers an outlook on computer crime from the perspective of financial and law enforcement organizations, specifically IBM X-Force, Symantec, USSS Electronic Crimes Task Force, Sacramento Valley HI-Tech Crimes Task Force, and others. The documentary begins with a coverage of H2K, Hackers on Planet Earth, conference in New York. The coverage includes interviews with Chris Rouland, X-Force, and Robert Weaver, USS, talking about their concerns with so many hackers gathering in the city and their threat to local financial institutions and E-Commerce sites. During the conference, there is a brief interview with Deth Vegetable describing the history of CDC, reasons for developing Back Orifice application, and the lack of security in Microsoft Windows.

There is a brief coverage of Defcon conference including Cult of the Dead Cow talk, Defcon Shoot, and an interview with Doug Brown who describes that the real threat to corporations is insider threat not hackers.

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