Feb 20, 2011

Hackers 95 (1995)

Info about Movie:
Hackers 95 - Information should be free' is a documentary filmed by Phone-E and R.F. Burns during the summer of 1995. The documentary covers Summercon, Defcon III, Area 51, and other locations.
During the first half, the documentary focuses on interviews with Erik Bloodaxe and Emmanuel Goldstein. These interviews reveal two different approaches to the process of hacking and the hacker community. Erik Bloodaxe, an editor of freely available Phrack Magazine, challenges Goldstein's refusal to make 2600 Magazine freely available in electronic form. 'If information wants to be free whose magazine is free?', asks Erik. On the other hand, Emmanuel describes his magazine as a way to distribute knowledge available on BBSs in printed form. In his interview, Emmanuel Goldstein equates hacking to going to a university library without a card; as an example, he uses a case of Kevin Mitnick to illustrate how much the punishment got blown out of proportions compared to the actual crime. Erik Bloodaxe on the hand believes that Kevin got what he deserves and people who use analogies like “information wants to be free” to steal someone's credit information should be thrown to jail. While both Erik and Emmanuel agree on an apparent disconnect between hackers and law enforcement agencies, they disagree on the corrective action. Where Erik attempts to bridge the gap by educating government and law enforcement officials, Emmanuel takes on a role of exposing and reporting on government injustices. In this documentary, Erik predicts a large surge of hacker wannabes as a result of the movie Hackers.



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