Feb 6, 2011

Technology in Movies ( Releasing a huge database of Movies collection)

You might have watched many movie related to Sci-Fi and technology related movies. But, we here are talking about those movies/documentaries which are only* related about computers and reality in technology advancements. With the technology & computers which is shown in the movies/documentations we can learn technology, this is our main aim/proposal. These movies consist of real stories of some great public figures in field of technology and computers development. Along with these we are even releasing the database of those movies which are related to computers like as giving a boosted inspiration and creates a desire to learn what technology and computers were and are in this World of Technology, Because everyone who knows/doesn't know about technology are indirectly are entertained with the technology advances. Its not necessary and wasn't necessary to learn and then get entertain with the technology advancements. The purpose of this event is to spread the awareness of these movies World Wide to all those who love and for those who are learning technology is to show how and what you can learn from these movies\documentaries:

1. Motivation to learn/know about technology.

2. Using the technology and computers in right way( The purpose of creation might not be the factor).

3. It helps for those students or learners to get advanced with technology, your entertainment even will become on learning technology.

4. By this you can become innovative and can get keen interest to help in the advancement of technology.

5. You are even a part of the development of technology without knowing.

6. In this present World you need to learn about technology to use it.

The above are the major factors which we consider them as to be the purpose. Apart from it we are creating a database on internet and making these movies publicize for the increase in self growth of knowledge. Approximately we can expect that there are 100's of movies which were taken and released. So we have gained a very much interest in creating an awareness of technology and computers and using them for the purpose of good. We can see many security levels been down by some mis-understandings and mis-behavior of public and even officials who are at great positions. This is not to point out all such disasters which are happening, this is just to learn and get awareness of the technology, show how much of the energy and dedication of great people towards technology and development taken in it. Its our duty to understand and help the innovators, this help can be of any such kind like observing, utilizing it, encouraging them and even helping the growth of technology if we wanna be a part of it. That would be a great help to everyone around us.

The reason which we have to understand here is:

1. We gotta understand the purpose of technology creations:
                          It might be a good technology or a bad one's but its our duty to use it in a right way even though if its a harmful one.

2. Enjoying the technology:
                          To enjoy the technology to a far range of extent, here extent is not only about our living its even about the future where we might now exist. We here are still alive because we were been saved by the human kindness, we all know that there are many weapons created by various military through out the world which can destroy everything*.

3. Limit technology creation:
                           So far we can develop technology to any extent we are in a level of matured creations in technology and it can develop even more. Its our duty to limit the technology like we cannot hand everything to a machine and make it work while we just save our time towards relaxing, we still need to understand how technology must be grown so that to put it in a fruitful manner. Because a tree or a plant without fruits or flower never looks good for many*. Greats heads in technology have given a path to take advantages but not the disadvantages. Its like its not certain that everyone thinks in a single conceptual ideas of others, So its important to have views in ethical manner.

4. Ethics are must in technology:
                            Without the ethics there's no way to save everyone's future out there. We have to increase our knowledge to a highest range it shouldn't turn evil to create some harm to other people. Socialization, development and uniqueness develop in us when we follow ethics.

5. Behind Technology:
                             We always know what technology is and whats happening with the technology, But we had never tried to know the initiative, the cause, statistics and people behind the technology. Technology is just like the everyday movie, when you see a movie a technicians, musicians, directors and writers work can be see with the movies on screen, actually there's lot of hardworking and sleepless nights for those who work out for technology advancements. So lets give them a chance to be proud by getting awareness of them.

So you might have got a little of our idea behind our ideas. Hope you understand the purpose and enjoy it well. Help us by attending this moment which we created on facebook, the details when and where we are releasing can be seen here. Please help us by sharing it and inviting your friends on facebook.

Date of release of movies information: 20th February 2011. 

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