Mar 22, 2011

How to install Android Mobile OS on PC

Lets get started with Android If you're not an Android user so far. More tutorials to come about Android this is my first tutorial on Android. We Demon's Tech will show you a step by step guide "how to install Android in your Windows OS".

Android need a framework to run the OS so we need JAVA installed on your PC. If not installed, download and install from the JAVA HOMEPAGE.

Now you need the Android SDK (software developers kit). Android SDK is free(Open Source) you can download it from the website.

Click on the SDK.exe file and start the installation.

After the installation starts the installer checks for Android server for updates for the software packages.

If you get any SSL errors in between, click the Settings tab of the Android SDK and AVD Manager window and uncheck the option Force https://.. Sources to be fetched using https://

This time after selecting the uncheck option it works well.

Now after this you get a dialog box saying to choose packages, select the packages which you wanna install and click on agree and proceed with the installations.

The installation archives will show the process of downloading and installation( Be patient it will take time)

Once installation of the Android SDK is complete, you can get started with setting up your Android simulator. Select Virtual Devices from the left side menu of the Android SDK and  AVD Manager window, and click the New button.

The Create new AVD(Android Virtual Device window) will now open. Type the name for your Android device and select the version of Android that you wanna use from the drop down menu as below picture. 
You must enter a SD card size and select a screen size. In the emulator SD card size option will simply create an IMG file to serve as a “virtual SD card”. Once you have all of your settings selected, click the Create AVD button.

Now, it’s time to boot up your virtual Android device for the first time. Select your virtual Android machine under the AVD Name window, and click the Start… button.

A Launch Options menu will appear, where you can scale the display to real size, and make adjustments to best fit your monitor or screen. Click the Launch button.

After completing and clicking on start you need to wait for a moment, it depends on the processors speed and the SD card size which you mention. You'll get the emulator in the working mode, You can see the tested picture above.

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