Apr 13, 2011

Life is not just words

"If an egg breaks from outside a life ends and
If it breaks from inside then a new life begins 
So now the moral is something comes from within not from somewhere else
So know about urself to achieve something... "

"Bill Gates never did Laxmi Pooja but he is the richest man
Einstein never did Saraswati Pooja but he was the cleverest man.
So just believe in hard work. Trust ur work and its excellence... "
"1 stone is enuf 2 break a glass,
1 sentence is enuf 2 break a heart.
1 second is enuf 2 fall in luv
but y d hell 1 lesson is not enuf 2 pass in exam...."
"The worst in life is 'Attachment'; it hurts when you lose it.
The best thing in life is 'Loneliness' because it teaches you everything and when you lose it, you get everything."
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