Apr 7, 2011

Make your brains think, Do not rely on technology completely.

                                                               The above picture is taken from the internet.

Using of technology too much can make you think less. Make your brains work rather than using technology for everything. Use technology where it is needed, for good and consuming time. Future advances in technology can change the way of life we live which is today, like which we see in movies and many future guesses made by great fortuner's.

Native living is the best living as proposed by many great people, but we use technology to reduce the efforts, now its an entertainment and future is gonna be like the above picture if not used in a proper way.

Our next generations use computers and calculators for simple math, Why to make so simple,when its not needed. Give your first preference to thing and analyze the situations, later if its needed then use technology to make huge calculations. I remember of the great person who's called as Human Calculator, Daniel Tammet

Make your brains think.

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