Apr 7, 2011

Want to become a hacker ?

Hacker, its not just a word its a revolution to change the way every common man think. If you think hacking is only related to computer's then you're mistaken.
Hacking can be applied in any field and parts of life too. Thinking beyond the borders and being out of box, its not only just being out of box its something more than,  where a common one cannot expect a place even in his dreams. Hacker's thinks and recreates, improves the ideas from old ones, enjoy being with the things they like. Hackers in the past are those who have shown a way to make our work transparent, their ideas and inventions had lead us to many more ways.

Is hacking related to computer ?
Yes! it is. Not only to computers but can be applied in any field of interest. Its application of it varies from field to field.

Examples of hackers:
One might think why should I know about other hackers to be a hacker ! Because everyone have their own way to reach what they want to achieve and know about the extreme ends of the limits and apply them, but when you get to know what not to do and what to do from the live's of others then we would definitely reach beyond the knowledge acquired and modify them. It can make us to decide what's good and bad ! Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison such great people are hackers too but the word wasn't defined or used at their times so I think and they definitely fall in the catagory of  hacking.

Be strong enough in terms and their definitions to make sure you talk right before any hacker about it, because hacking is not breaking, it doesn't lead to breaking things. Hacking means to understand, analyze and innovate a new idea to make ones own path, hackers are those who face problems and tries to solve them. Hackers just innovate new idea's and make things, there's lot of difference between hacking and cracking

Crackers are those who break the security and rules to make their own way in the field of Computers.

Be strong in terms, Here is a good website where you can learn everything about computer hacking terms and gain a little change in your mind. Click here

The above website belongs to Eric S.Raymond, this person is a Hacker Anthropologist and also a Computer Programmer. He's the Editor of The New Hacker's Dictionary. He had defined the terms in the way they should be. Do check out the above given link of the website.

Want A hacker as a Role Model then pick any one of the below: 

1. Captain Crunch (Proper Name: John Draper)

2. Kevin Mitnick

3. Fred Cohen

4. Max Ray Butler

5. Ian Murphy 

6. Jonathan James

7. Adrian Lamo

8. Brain Holyfield

9. Nahshon Even-Chaim

10. Jeanson James Ancheta

11. Ehud Tenenbaum

And many more. Add the names in the comment if you know the famous hackers who aren't in the list, only the ones who made history in the hacking.

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