Jun 27, 2011

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is an American software architect and businessperson best known as the creator of Twitter.
Dorsey grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and attended Missouri University of Science and Technology before subsequently transferring to New York University, where he first conceived the idea for Twitter. While working on dispatching as a programmer he later moved to California.

In Oakland in 2000, Dorsey started his company to dispatch couriers, taxis, and emergency services from the Web. His other projects and ideas at this time included networks of medical devices and a "frictionless service market". In July 2000, building on dispatching and inspired in part by LiveJournal and possibly by AOL Instant Messenger, he had the idea for a Web-based realtime status/short message communication service.
When he first saw implementations of instant messaging, Dorsey had wondered if the software's user status output could be shared among friends easily. He approached Odeo, who at the time happened to be interested in text messaging. Dorsey and Biz Stone decided that SMS text suited the status message idea, and built a prototype of Twitter in about two weeks. The idea attracted many users at Odeo and investment from Evan Williams, who had left Google.

As chief executive officer, Dorsey saw the startup through two rounds of funding by the venture capitalists who back the company. In 2008, Williams took over the role of CEO, and Dorsey became chairman of the board.

Dorsey also began a new platform, Square, to accept debit and credit cards on a mobile device. The device is a small square-like object that has the ability to be attached to devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Laptop. This product is a mini card reader which allow a person to swipe their card, choose an amount to give to the recipient and then sign their name for confirmation.

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