Aug 2, 2011

Secret design notes of Fabless Semiconductors Company

Nextchip is a fabless company that specializes in designing multimedia semiconductors. The company mainly produces image-processing chips, which are used in CCTV cameras, DVRs, IP cameras and other related products, growing into one of the leading chip makers in Korea's video surveillance industry. With the goal of becoming the world's top player in the video processing field, it has been developing the core technology of video processing for more than 14 years. Currently, the company has emerged as the only semiconductor company that possesses all the core technologies for video surveillance systems including ISP, decoder, vertical driver, CCD, AFE, SoC, software platform etc. With the broad lineup from high-end to economical chip sets, Nextchip can expeditiously meet the diverse needs of customers. If clients encounter problems in upgrading their video security systems, Nextchip is always willing and able to find the answers with its customized chips and services.

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