Sep 20, 2011

Chinese farmer builds a flying like saucer

A 46-year-old retired farmer in China has built a flying saucer with only an elementary school education and no mechanical or aeronautical training. He has dreamt all his life of building his own flying machine. Today that dream has become a reality for Shu Mansheng. He has wonderfully built the saucer which looks like a macro Air robot.

This achievement marks the second attempt for the self-taught very talented man, who last year completed his first homemade aircraft. He managed to get it off the ground, but was injured on the second trial flight. He has managed to fly to a height of 2 meters. Well his first flying saucer had failed with an exploding and the second one had also failed, but he was never disappointing trying another one.

The heavy frame of metal had made it very heavy that he couldn't make a flight, kudos to his high spirit to make it come true. His attempts has costs all of his energy about 60,000 yuan (US $9,400). Right now he says that he has two dreams, one to improve his model and make a flight and the second one is to open a school for children to study higher education in a school.

Hope he gets some Aeronautical person as a help to make his dream come true. An engineering can make anything possible but the engineering has been brought from such hard workers who have initially faced many troubles like this, our history speaks that very less great people who created new innovative things have had no proper education.

Check out the video of his flight:

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