Sep 25, 2011

Complete idea behine Spotify by Sean Parker

 Well recently there was f8 conference, Facebook announcing their features namely Timeline, Apps and Spotify( listen to free music online). Here I've found two videos where Sean Parker is actually saying about his idea behind music listening, the tale continues with Spotify after his long lasted Napster. At first his interest was about the Napster collecting the music and making it available free online from various artists and even underground music.

First let us see through his ideas behind sharing music:

In the below video he explains about his concern towards Apple's Monopoly and says his version of idea on music sharing.

Later in the below video,He explains what he wants to do with Spotify, he says " I wanted to finish what I started with Napster" ( He didn't forget his history, he's pushing back his idea on the top social networking website facebook to regain his idea back \m/, well that's a very good idea ). He also adds that the war on piracy is a failure, this reminds me about the pirate bay where in Sweden the war has began about the piracy of movies, music etc.

The idea behind the Spotify was really correct i.e. decreasing of the piracy downloads but, the thing which he forgot to mention is that it never goes down i.e. downloading the pirated music. In my iPod, I've more than 1000 songs which are not originally brought because I've borrowed with my friends (Which is offline) so sharing online goes the same. Well hope to see a clean downloads offered by many online sites.

And here come Spotify is online and lets listen his voice once again about Spotify :)

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