Sep 4, 2011

Ghostery knows how web pages Monitor on user

 Ghostery is a Firefox add-on that lets you find out how web pages track you while you browse the net. The trackers are usually hidden scripts from ad network or some widgets which the blogger places on websites to monitor visitors browsing behavior. With Ghostery on your browser you would know who is watching you via small icon alert on the top and bottom right corner, clicking it will display the list of trackers who are tracking user via ad's and widgets.This tiny little software is for free and no registration required. Its a powerful tool to see who all are tracking on the web pages.

Ghostery looks for third party page elements (which they call "3pes") on the web pages you visit. These can be things like social network plugins, advertisements, invisible pixels used for tracking and analytics, etc. Ghostery notifies you that these things are present, and which companies operate them. You can learn more about these companies, and if you wish, choose to block the 3pes they operate.

This is the screen shot where the Ghostery shows you how many of the ad's blocked among all the ad's which track the user.
Ghostery tracks the trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.


Ghostery gives user full authority to block how ever user wants and remains user friendly while surfing web, unlike other addon's whcih interfere our surfing and distracts.

Ghostery currently can detect over 135 major services that track you on the web. Some of these services are: Google Analytics, MyBlogLog, Quantcast, IndexTools, Google+, Wibiya toolbar,NetShelter, SiteMeter, Lijit, Omniture, CrazyEgg, Snap… etc.

 You can even help out Ghostery by using their feature called GhostRank which actually helps the other users with your experience. Its very simple not a big task, its like when ever you encounter a third-party page element (and have GhostRank enabled), Ghostery sends a record which contains all the blocked items.

Ghostery routinely adds to and refines their list of companies that operate trackers, ad servers, analytics services, page widgets, and other 3pes. You can update this list manually from the Ghostery options menu, or you can enable Ghostery's auto-update service, which periodically checks for new additions to Ghostery's library and includes them automatically.

Ghostery is available for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

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