Sep 21, 2011

Google + You, access to public

The waiting is over :) Google Plus is open for all the users. No need of any invitation, directly go to the Google Plus website and login with your account and start using. Google integrated its flagship search engine into its 3-month old social network with membership now open to the Internet public and expanded its killer 'Hangouts' video chat feature to allow mobile use and broadcasting.
  The new features adding into Hangouts are:  

Screen sharing – You can now share your screen through Hangouts, whether you’re showing viewers a website, a document, or whatever else you may have up on screen.  

Sketchpad – A simple drawing tool, which all participants can use at the same time.  

Google Docs – Google Docs is now integrated into Hangouts, which is awesome.

Mobile hangouts - Hangout even from the mobile with your front cam.

I started preferring Google Plus as a best user comfortable social networking website after seeing today's changes in the facebook's so called NEW LOOK. A very depressing move by facebook hitting everyone's wall a uncomfortable experience. 

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