Sep 23, 2011

How to get hands on new facebook TIMELINE feature

Yesterday we had a facebook f8 2011 conference  where they had released the upcoming new features such as facebook profile timeline view, music apps and top stories. Check out the key points in f8 conference here.

To know whats the timeline view check the below video:

I was eagerly waiting for these new feature and I happened to get my timeline view for my profile after reading an article, So I thought of giving a complete tutorial how to get hands on the new facebook's TIMELINE look.

Just follow the below steps:

1) As for now this timeline feature is just available only for developers the other users need to wait for it so we have to become a developer now, its simple than it is just go to this link after loging into your fb account :
 Give permission to it and click the create app as shown in below picture

2) Now just give some name for the app as follows

The click on continue and you get security code to verify it and click on submit.

3) Now you'll go to the app creation, then on left side top you'll fine open graph click on it.

4) Now you'll start using the Open Graph feature, just type anything you want in the
                                        people can __ a __ GET STARTED

 then click on Get Started

5) In the next page there are no edits just click on save changes and Next bottom of the page

6)  Now click Save and Finish

7) Now your creating an app is over, at this point facebook thinks you are a developer and gives access to your changing of new timeline view. So now go back to your home page and you'll come to see as below to get started with the timeline

8) Last and the least step just say yuppie :) and start editing how your timeline should look like :)

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