Sep 25, 2011

JDownloader, the best downloader ever

JDownloader( I'll use as JD from next time in this post) is the best downloader I used. My life in downloading become easy after using JD. Yes, I can call it the best downloader ever.

What is JD ?

We'll JD is a Download manager like the other download managers such as Internet Download Manager(IDM). This software is written in Java hence it is called as JDownloader where J means JAVA. This software is open source and platform independent, it can be used in Microsoft windows,Linux, Mac OS etc. It needs JAVA in the OS( Operating System) to run this JD.

It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare, MediaFire, FileSonic, depositfile, 4shared etc... It can be used even by the free users and also Premium users. The premium users have extra benefits like linking their accounts to this JD(Well i'm not going to speak much about premium users). JD is absolutely free of charge.

Special about JD:

1) The best thing is you can even download Youtube, Vimeo, clipfish video and Mp3 Downloads from any website.

2) The second best thing is, there is no need of inserting any links into JD just copy to clipboard and it automatically takes those links and loads the downloadable files and waits for you caution to start the download.

3) Generally when ever you want a youtube file to download just copy the link and it shows you various formats such as MP4, FLV, WEBm, MP3 so that you can select any of the format and delete the other formats and start the download. It even offers you different qualities for downloading, check out the screenshot below.

4) You can even start 2 or more downloads of different file hosting if your not a premium user.(Well there's always mediafile and Megaupload which offers great speed and parallel downloads).

5) It automatically UNRAR's the RAR files.

6) This even supports resuming of the files if the host file has the feature of resuming.

7) The best one is that its very simple to use and makes your life easy for downloading.

How to USE, made simple in below steps:

 1) Download the latest version of JAVA first because you need JAVA to run JD.
              DOWNLOAD JAVA

2) Download JD from the website according to your OS here (

3) The process of installation is skipped because its simple to install and lets continue with how to use after the installation.

4) There are three tabs Download ( Which shows the downloading files), Linkgrabber (It grabs the links and queues for downloading and starts download by your caution) and Settings( Which allows your settings such as premium account info, adjusting timing and downloading folder).

5)Add the link as follows, copy the link into clipboard and the JD software automatically captures the downloadable file and shows. It waits for your action to continue downloading or remove the added file. Check the below screenshot to get a clear idea.

6) After you click Continue with all (i.e. to start) the file goes to download tab for downloading, here it stays until you start the download by clicking a play type icon above the download.

7) Right click on the file which is yet to be downloaded to set the priority of the download, and many more options.


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