Sep 26, 2011

Use your Scroll button to open New tab

This is a small trick to make your work simple. While your reading a post and want some link to open in a new tab keeping the present tab before you the best thing is to use the 
1) scroll button (Middle button which is in between left and right button on mouse), Just click once on it.

2) Ctrl+Right click on mouse

Any of the above two operation functions the same opening a new tab for a link. The first option i.e. the scroll button is faster and easy to use, without using two hands.

Another trick is: If you want a new empty tab to open then use Ctrl+T(Hold CTRL and click on T button)

FACT ABOUT THIS SCROLL WHEEL: The scroll wheel was invented at Microsoft in 1993 by Eric Michelman

Other uses of Scroll wheel:
You can hold the Ctrl and scroll the wheel up or down to increase or decrease the image size in preview, Webpage size in browser and MS office etc

Know the entire history of mouse 

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