Oct 15, 2011

iPhone 4S vs Canon 500D Comparison

As usually the Apple's another promising iDevice, iPhone 4S is out and already in hands of many folks. The recent release has shown many features, so here is a small comparison of iPhone 4S camera VS Canon 500D. The iPhone 4S has 8 megapixel and Canon has 8 Megapixels, check out the below two pictures taken out from the two cameras.

                                         Canon EOS 500D
                                            iPhone 4S

Differences between the camera's:
1) Canon has a more neutral color contrast than iPhone.
2) When zoomed, the picture taken from Canon has much more information on the subject than iPhone's picture.
3) The amount of noise is more in iPhone's picture but the Canon doesn't has it.
4) The focus in the Canon has the disadvantage as it focuses on the main object and the surrounding becomes blur, whereas in iPhone the balance is maintained throughout the picture.
5) iPhone has a better color saturation than Canon
6) The deeper shadows and stronger saturation of the iPhone make for a more punchy photo, whereas the DSLR has overexposed some of the highlights.

These are the major differences as compared and observed by the digitalcamerabeginner

here is a small video comparison taken from the two cams, the difference can be clearly visible

iPhone 4S vs Canon 5D Mark II, Side-by-Side Comparison of 1080p HD Video. Vimeo user Robino Films shot the same scenes at the same time with both cameras using a special rig(to catch hold of two camera's and shoot at the same time). They also tried to match some parameters such as exposure, shutter speed, frame rate, and picture style as much as possible.

picture source: digitalcamerabeginner

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