Oct 18, 2011

Josh Nimoy, the man behind the effects in Tron Legacy

Today I was learning how to make special effects like the neon lights and sparks, then I remembered the movie Tron Legacy and had checked its credits list in IMDB. Well the making of the such special effects doesn't depends on a single person, its a whole lot of team such as motion capture, modeler, lighting, graphics animation, integration person etc there are many more in this team to do such effects and the person who does this technical and effects is a graphics animator, this guys job is to create each and every element in the core designing along the side of technical, bingo finally got this person his position in the effects team is animation graphics artist, Josh Nimoy. 

 Made a search in Google about this guy and the first search was his website itself, jtnimoy.net. 

And there in his website appears his hardwork in the team of "Tron legacy" effects.

I spent a half year writing software art to generate special effects for Tron Legacy, working at Digital Domain with Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant, and David "dlew" Lewandowski. This page has taken a long time to be published because I've had to await clearance. A lot of my team's work was done using Adobe software and Cinema 4D. The rest of it got written in C++ using OpenFrameworks and wxWidgets, the way I've always done it with this team ;)

Rest you can check out in his website: jtnimoy.net

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