Oct 14, 2011

Many die, some remain special with a meaning

I have been seeing this picture sharing a lot on facebook from few days. Yes ! this picture has a perfect meaning to question "Why is this society like this ?".

Well I wanted to a give a reason behind the comparison of these pictures, Steve Jobs is a great person and many couldn't accept his death at first, I myself had to read the news and confirm it in more than 3 to 4 e-news online. There is a reason behind being sad for both the situations,

"1 person dies and 100 million cry ", because he has really taken a path where no one could ever take, his style is his, no one else can adopt it even by practice because he can predict as Steve Jobs but can never become Steve. He has give life to a tradition in technology, most of the people have jobs because of him, competitors  increase their capability in creating something new apart from what Apple has done with that jobs have increased, where people are living earning it. More than a 100 millions are surviving because of his innovative ideas.

"1 million die and no one cries", this is also a very situational one where technology is also being a part of it. Everyone is more concentrating about being on a high profile by earning respect, money, knowledge etc leaving behind the humanity, just think once what would it be if we are in that situation ! no one can bring that into their minds because many have stopped thinking about the humanity. Well World is still ON because there are many people still alive caring about such situations. Earning respect might help you be on the top position what you expect, but what about those don't even have proper water to drink ! Just stop for a moment and think for few seconds. Do as much help as you can, I'm not asking to spend your whole time for them just few old cloths, some donations and spread a word socially not online, being sad, keeping some sad messages as your status or playing some farmville online will not help you or the society in no way. Instead of playing some useless games spend sometime in helping others and socializing. This can make a change in our society which we are living in.

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