Nov 16, 2011

Copy faster with TeraCopy in Windows

TeraCopy is a free file-copying utility from Code Sector that offers faster speed and security for files while transfering data than in Windows. It is the best tool that can quickly copy or move single files or batches of files to any directory you select with maximum possible speed and the best part is that it automatically calculating CRC checksum values to speed up the validation process. It also skips bad files during the copying process and displays them at the end of transfers so you can check them and replace those skipped files.

I've been using this tool more than 5 years for copying the data. This tool can handle large amount of data without PC hanging problems. This tool has 'Made my life easier', I used to make a clone of Hard disk while formating or to copy the entire disk into new one, which actually takes long time but this tool has made it simpler than ever just copying and transfer the data and it simply does it very smoothly.

The basic features in the TeraCopy are:
  • Always Ask - Shows dialog window when target file is already exists
  • Overwrite All
  • Overwrite Older
  • Skip All
  • Rename All
  • Test - run CRC test when transfer is complete  
  • Error recovery - In case of copy error, it will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.[This is the best part I like]
  • Shutdown - shutdown when transfer is completed.This feature will be used a lot if you have large amount of data to be copied, you can just start copying and click on the button as in the below screeshot and leave your system and carry on with the other work, it will automatically shutdown the system after completing the transfering of data. 

  • Eject- Ejects USB drive When transfer is completed 
  • Close - close window when transfer is complete

TeraCopy is a wonderful free software that improves the copy/move function in Windows and adds useful extras like checksum calculation and permanent delete. I strongly recommend this software for copying/moving data faster.

My system copy speed, screenshots:

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista and Win7 (32/64-bit)

What is CRC ?
CRC expands as Cyclic Redundance Check(CRC), Whenever digital data is stored or interfaced, data corruption might occur so to deal with this problem developers have come up with a solution to attact a parity bit to each sent byte. So CRC was the result for this problem, its been used in all types of data communications these days. Not only in the hard disk but also in the packets sent over any network, each block of data or packets are assigned with a CRC value. These are widely used to to detect many types of errors and are extremely fast to calculate especially when dedicated hardware chips are used, without these CRC the modern computer world cannot exist.
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