Nov 12, 2011

How to remove/disable facebook timeline for profile

If you have already enabled the facebook beta timeline and want it to be removed then this article is for you. If you have not got it then visit How to get hands on new facebook TIMELINE feature.

I had used this feature for a pretty long time and got bored of this as its loading slower and everytime have to remove unwanted posts from my timeline, more over timeline is just a appearance sake and no use of it for the user. So today I have descided to remove this timeline feature which is still in beta version, simply follow the below steps and you'll get rid of this timeline from your profile.

Go to the Facebook app page [Click here]

You have created an app while enabling the timeline so we need to remove it to disable the timeline. Click Edit Open Graph as in the below screenshot.

Now you can find the 'x' button besides get code in 3 different types of categories, if confused see in the below screenshot and delete all the 3 as mentioned.

Now when you click on 'x' it asks for confirmation message, click confirm and do it for the others too.

Thats it, you have successfully removed the timeline feature from your facebook profile, just go back to your facebook profile and check it.

How to get hands on new facebook TIMELINE feature

Remove/disable ticker from facebook profiles 
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