Nov 4, 2011

Internet explorer afraid of Mozilla, fake news [funny]

Today I thought of checking how the latest edition of Inter explorer 9 was and had to find a funny picture online mentioning "IE9 was afraid of downloading firefox", I found it funny and had made few testings if it was true or false. Before that check this below picture uploaded by an user in imgur[an image sharing website] with his comment as below

      "IE9 tells me firefox is a "dangerous file" that "is not commonly downloaded."

This reminds me of a humor which was shared by many techies updating their status on facebook, some what like below lines:

"I download firefox using Internet Explorer and uses Firefox as my default browser" / "I use internet explorer to download firefox" 

So have updated the Internet Explorer to 9th version and had downloaded the latest Firefox 8 beta from filehippo in IE9 but didn't find any errors, then have observed the picture clearly where and which firefox update he had downloaded, he downloaded firefox 6.0.2 then I searched in firefox directories to get the download link and found it, later had a small view that if he had freshly installed Windows operating system and had no anti-virus or firewall in his PC that message would have appeared then I disabled my aniti-virus and firewall.

I have got this idea by observing the picture where he also downloaded some files from IE9 i.e motherboard driver and gsata driver, so I have assumed that he had freshly installed his Windows OS.

Then disable it and downloaded firefox 6.0.2, you can see in the below screenshot where I downloaded it and there appears no error as harmful download.

Finally he was wrong mentioning a fake news in reddit, the server which he had downloaded was a linux based(you can find in the first picture below the firefox) and it was not a mirror site. Well I can conclude by saying he is wrong after making some testings on IE9.

IE is still a slower browser compared to other browsers such as firefox and chrome. It completely slows down PC when opening a link in new tab, performance is really slow.

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