Nov 23, 2011

Nokia Research Center Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

To celebrate 25 years of advancements in the mobile phone market, the Nokia Research Centre has put together a mini documentary, detailing all the key contributions it has made over the past 25 years and offering a great reminder of Nokia’s pioneering work to date.

The fascinating five minute clip looks into all the many ways that Nokia has revolutionised the mobile phone industry, since the late 1980’s. Covering Nokia’s role in the creation of SMS texting, mobile web browsing, 3G calling,intelligent speech dialling, the Snake game and the renowned Nokia ringtone. As well as the fact that Nokia has been patenting touchscreen technology since 1995!

You can check out the Nokia Research Centre’s celebration of 25 Years of Innovation in the video clip below.

“The mission of Nokia Research Center is to explore technology frontiers and solve scientific challenges today, in order for Nokia to deliver irresistible personal experiences tomorrow.”-  Dr. Henry Tirri [Executive Vice President, CTO, Nokia]

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