Nov 12, 2011

Remove/disable ticker from facebook profiles

Ticker is one of the new features in the facebook profile changes, I found ticker to be a big disturbing once as the notifications keep on moving without we watch the important once. So today I thought to remove it from my facebook profile, we actually cannot remove it from the facebook but we have to install browser extensions to remove these facebook changes. I'm going to show a step wise guide for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers to add the addons and remove/disable the ticker from facebook profile.

For Chrome users:

Chrome users can simple install an addon and remove the ticker feature from facebook. 'Facebook News Ticker Remover' is the addon which I was talking about, Click here to install the addon.

Then click on 'ADD TO CHROME' as seen in the below screenshot to install it, and follow the next steps if you have any problems or else its same as any other addon installation.

Then a confirmation box appears, just click install.

After installing it shows a confirmation message below the menu tab as it is installed successfully.
After this login to facebook and you can see that ticker is disabled from your facebook profile.

Note: If you find it not yet removed refresh the facebook page, still if its not removed once restart the chrome browser.

If you have enabled it and want to remove this just go to Setting => Tools => Extensions. See the below screenshot if you have any doubts.

Now click on the box to mark or unmark the addon. By this you can enable or disable the ticker feature in the facebook.

For Firefox/Safari/Opera users:

Firefox or safari or opera browsers we must install an addon to remove the facebook ticker, fbpurity is the addon which we must install. [Click here to install]

Click on the 'Install F.b. Purity- Extention' to install, then it asks for a confirmation by showing a tab to allow the addon. Click 'Allow'

Wait for the software to install and then restart your browser.

Click on restart.

Login to your facebook profile and you can find an fb purity option button as in the below screenshot, click on it to get the manage tab for fb purity.

Now check mark on the boxes to disable the feature which you do not want to see them in the facebook profle, for an idea see in the below screenshot.

Then after editing your settings click on 'Save and Close'. Thats it you have been disabled the feature which ever you need to be disabled. 

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