Nov 25, 2011

Send Free and Unlimited SMS's worldwide [Local+International] with JaxtrSMS

Now send unlimited text SMS's around the globe i.e. local and international, for free using 'JaxtrSMS'. This application was launched few days ago[Nov 23,2011] by Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of This is the World's first free mobile texting application, which allows the user to send any amount of SMS's worldwide from a smartphone. This application is available for almost all the smartphones and tabler devices; iOS(Apple devices), Android, Symbian, blackberry, Windows mobiles and J2MEs(all Java mobiles).

JaxtrSMS is completely unique and the beauty of this app is only senders need to have this app and the one who is the recipient/receiver need not have this app installed in the receivers device and it'll be received into the SMS inbox directly, and this is the major difference where we can distinguish between all the other messaging apps such as Watsapp, IM app, Textie messaging, BBM instant messaging, Meebo etc. Isn't it the beauty ?

Fifteen years ago, Sabeer Bhatia gave the world  Hotmail, the world’s first real web mail service. Now Jaxtr Inc was set up by Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia and Yogesh Patel,

Sabeer Bhatia
CEO and Co-Founder
"Now, mobile users can leverage our free and open application to send messages to their contacts anywhere across the world without having to pay anything", said Sabeer Bhatia 
Yogesh Patel
President and Co-Founder
Yogesh Patel said that JaxtrSMS was completely developed in India and I am proud to showcase this as an example of Indian innovation and ingenuity.
Bhatia said that The company will generate revenue through advertisements and premium services like archiving texts, multimedia, video etc, which will be available by mid-next year

  • The app uses WiFi or 3G/2G data services to send the message and behaves like regular SMS.
  • JaxtrSMS retains the number of the user and no new number is required while signing up for the service.
  • JaxtrSMS doesn’t give you the option of moving it onto the SD Card as its only 1.5MB disk space.
  • There is no feedback(Delivery report) for the app, this feature is noted to be missing.
  • With this Jaxtr app there is no limit of 200 SMS's which was put by TROI 

We'll write an article on how to install and use it, giving more information on this app. Right now its worth using this app.


SOURCE: Jaxtr Inc
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