Nov 6, 2011

We Are Legion : The Story of the Hacktivists - Trailer

An upcoming documentary coming up about Anonymous. Anonymous is probably the most misunderstood "non official group" well they do not officially exist. No one knows who is anonymous ?  no one knows who are they ? how many of them are anonymous ? only their hacking programs and hacked websites exist. However they are the elephant in the room. You will hear many opinions here about Anonymous but very few get the gist of it. I mean 14 year old kids on /b/ understand something so simple yet men well in to their years remain clueless.

Many hacking operations performed till now bringing down the government websites, master card website, Sony's website and many more. A rumor spread around saying Facebook will be hacked on Nov 5th but no operation done yet, but this video was hit in the YouTube on November 4th

I am not here to promote, endorse anonymous, I just thought people would be interested in the documentary.

This is what they are capable of:

One of their blogs is
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