Jan 7, 2012

Action Cubelets, A Modular Robot Construction System for Kids

Cubelets is a modular robot construction system that is simple enough for children to enjoy. The system is based around single function cubes that act, sense, think, or drive. Connecting in different ways gives you different functionality.

Technology is changing the way the kids play with their toys and the cost is even pretty much high [not yet priced]. These can basically increase the brains and their thinking capability also increases with these cubelets, but how many of them can get these to play !

 Cubelets are for you to play with.  They are a system of interlocking, interactive friends who help you create robotic good times... just like you and bumblebees do!

Demonstration video:

Cubelets demonstration at 2012 International CES:

Source: Hizook
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