Jan 7, 2012

Experience the restart/reboot process of various operating systems[Geeky]

A tribute to the most significant operating systems that has been part of our geek lives. At the restart page you can reboot your system through a collection of vintage operating systems.

From Windows 1.0 (1985) to Amiga Workbench 2 (1986) or Apple IIGS (1991). The restart page is a tribute to the evolution of the rebooting technologies that is part of our daily life, featuring:

- OS2
- MS
- Openstep
- Apple
- Workbench
- Rhapsody

Lets reboot now at THE RESTART PAGE

The restart page an answer to an invitation to collaborate with OFFF festival and YEAR ZERO project.

Created and designed by soonintokyo  and built by rehabstudio Belfast and London.
Microsoft Windows version 1.01
Source: Rehabstudio
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