Jan 8, 2012

HOT TECH in this first week of 2012 [Jan 1 - Jan 7]

Hello friends, We [Demon's Tech] decided to share the collection of posts which are shared by us, at one place to make it easy to check every tech update which is important to be noticed/known. We have provided the extra links if you want to know more about the particular topic and have a extent of what we have given. Demon's Tech share's you the most important and interesting news which is happening around the web world.

The Zen Of Steve Jobs, A Graphic Novel that reimagines Jobs relationship with Zen Buddhist Priest

Is Kevin Mitnick saying "don't shoot?" No. He's just showing off a bracelet that doubles as a handcuff lock pick. [The universal handcuff lock-pick key is hidden inside the bracelet]

10 Greatest Android Games of 2011.

ANDROID, ORDROID, NANDROID and NOTDROID, funny way of implementing the Gate logic operations on DROID's

Windows 8 to include built-in Reset, Refresh, and hard drive imaging

Moo partners with Facebook to create business cards

Action Cubelets, A Modular Robot Construction System for Kids

Tron theme songs played using Five floppy drives.

Experience the restart/reboot process of various operating systems[Geeky]

DOYOUKNOW: How much does the Internet weight ?

For all the programmer and tech geeks out there, here is a song for you from ORACLE :) [We Code Hard]

Steve Jobs on starting Apple “We had nothing to lose, and we had everything to gain”

Play the Android's Egg easter game in the Android.com website, lately the android.com had updated a game in their website which is at the bottom of the home page.

In a post on Facebook, develops explain what it took to make Timeline a reality. They explain ins and outs of the six month-long process, how they worked and changes made

LG takes a shot at a viral marketing video and knocks it out of the park. Videos of dumb and smart thieves are popular online, LG takes the smart thief approach.

Toshiba's Portege Z830 is an ultraslim, ultrasexy “thinnest & lightest” Ultrabook

Nokia is spending a lot of cash to advertise their products after making the switch to Windows Phone as their OS of choice.  Here's the costly advertisement of Nokia Lumina

According to a warning released from the security firm Seculert, a malware called Ramnit has stolen around 45,000 Facebook passwords.

The Android-powered ClassPad tablet is powered by a 1.3 GHz processor and has a built-in memory of 4GB,expandable up to 8GB.

Varity of keyboards are been launched, but yet this is different with an intelligent function and keeping the keyboard clean.

Watch how animated movies are made. video shot in one take, all in real time [creative]

A promotional video for Lit Motors' C-1, a fully-electric, fully-enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle.

Dr. James Porter, medical director of robotic surgery at Swedish folds a small paper airplane with the da Vinci robot to demonstrate how this device gives surgeons greater surgical precision and dexterity over existing approaches.

FACTS: Facebook announced in November that its users would be able to share status updates up to 63,206 characters long. That’s a little harder to visualize than Twitter’s 140-character limit. See how facebook got its 63,206 characters here.

It's official! Yahoo has announced the name of its new chief executive officer. Scott Thompson, former president of PayPal, will be the new chief executive of the Internet giant.

IRIS update brings a tweaked speech engine, which delivers better voice and speech recognition.
Siri for Android, that is Iris, has got immense popularity amongst the Android users. The voice assistant for Android devices has now got an upgrade, which is expected to render better results.

The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas will see a host of mobile devices.
A lot of exciting products will be showcased at the event, including smartphones and tablets. Here is a list of five mobile products which will catch the interest of all consumers at the event.

‎"Samsung unveils entry-level Galaxy Ace Plus with familiar design:"

Ajit Narayanan, identified as one of the top innovators by the MIT's Technology Review India. He has innovated a device named AVAZ a communication aid for children with speech impairment.

This year 2012, one of the #techtrend is the flexible displays. Bendable OLED displays will be the future.

FACT CORNER: Every second, 372 people are searching for porn on Google.

Samsung is preparing the successor of the Galaxy S II, one of the most popular Android handsets and iPhone rivals to date.
The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to debut in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, while the first photo taken with the phone’s camera has been purportedly leaked.

One of the most noticeable and exciting features in Windows 8 was the new picture password to log onto Windows 8. This new feature allows a user to log in by simply drawing a pattern on a picture, making it easy to remember and use.

Chord-On-Board case for iPhone 4/4s from Caseinity, the easiest way to take the cord along with you which will be inside your case.

If there is anything called real art of technology prediction, Apple has mastered this art! It takes time to believe that Apple's first touchscreen prototype phone was ready in 1983.
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