Jan 9, 2012

Test your system's stability and performance using System Stability Tester

System Stability Tester is a free open source software for Windows, Linux and Mac systems that can stress test and benchmark a computer system. It does so by calculating up to 128 million digits of Pi which is extremely taxing for the processor.

When you first start the program you have the choice to run a benchmark or system stress test. A benchmark can be used to compare the results of a system to another system, the stress test to verify that there are no calculation errors.

You can also select the amount of Pi digits you want to compute, the turns, and the number of threads the computer should use for that task.

Here is a screen shot of my system stability testing, here i've tested only 128k as I didn't capture the 128million screen shot. You have many options in the software to select the threading level, algorithm specifications which you want to and you can save the Pi file and log file on your interest.

The two algorithms here used are:
  • Borwein's algorithm, which is an algorithm devised by Jonathan and Peter Borwein to calculate the value of 1/π. [Read more]
  • Gauss–Legendre algorithm is an algorithm to compute the digits of π. [Read more]
 Download the software and test your system performance.

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