Jan 7, 2012

The Zen Of Steve Jobs, A Graphic Novel that reimagines Jobs relationship with Zen Buddhist Priest

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs (1955-2011) had such an enormous impact on so many people that his life often took on aspects of myth. But much of his success was due to collaboration with designers, engineers and thinkers. The Zen of Steve Jobs tells the story of Jobs' relationship with one such person: Kobun Chino Otogawa.

This graphic book is a reimagining of that friendship. Their time together was integral to the big leaps that Apple took later on with its product design and business strategy. 

Produced by Forbes and JESS3, The Zen of Steve Jobs is a fully-illustrated book that was inspired by “a documentary in 2009 that touched on Jobs’ study of Buddhism.

Source: JESS3, Amazon
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