May 18, 2012

Sony hired Steve Woz as a 'tutor' for a film

Steve Wozniak is been hired by Sony for the film as a "tutor" on all the technical aspects of computers and on Jobs himself, where the film is a biopic movie being directed by Sorkin about Steve Jobs.

Sorkin is the one who won an Oscar for the screenplay of "The Social Network" movie which is about the Facebook. He has adapted Walter Isaacson who has written the best selling biography book about Steve Jobs.

Sorkin isn't sure what he is going to include in the screenplay, but he is certain that it won't be a straightforward biopic of the iconic Apple chief, who died last October of pancreatic cancer.

"I know so little about what I am going to write. I know what I am not going to write. It can't be a straight ahead biography because it's very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography, " Sorkin. 

Long back I've blogged about the rumor that, "George Clooney and Noah Wyle competing for the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming film".

Wozniak and Jobs founded Apple from a garage in 1976. Wozniak stopped working for the company in 1987 but kept in touch with Jobs until his death.

Hope to see the movie soon on screen :)

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