Jun 1, 2012

First impression of Galaxy Samsung S III

First impression of Samsung Galaxy S III is just awesome.

Lets look forward in detail about the hardware, the handy look and the first user experience of it.

Not just a basic user, an expertise and testing over S III how much stress it would take in.

Not like the once of the Lumia where some technical once coming up on stage and proving that its the fastest one to upload a picture on Social Networking websites like facebook or twitter, which is to be take from the camera. Its not what it is because it just tells us how fast a person can use the phone even though the speed(performance) of the device counts, but experience and how fast we use our phone is whats important. Lumia was just publicly showcased rather than showing what it is and what it can do with a person who have prepared on the phone to do a task faster than the one in public.

Samsung has again fulfilled the technology aspects competing with other phones releasing the quad core mobile phone in the trend. 

Here take a look at a hands on review by Samsung tomorrow 

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