Jun 20, 2012

Intelligent way of eating food on the menu, the modern way of eating habits

Till now we have researched on the electronic product trying to know its capabilities and purchase them, use up to its limitations and say, Yes! I've made something. But here, we're now spending money on the items we eat, fish i.e sea foods. This is a good way of eating to know what we are actually eating before we eat them.

But a fish which is got for 100 bugs is now made 150 bugs and sold or served in the kitchens, just to now its safe to eat or not. Ultimately no one wants to know whether every piece in the food is from same fish or from different fish and eating by the basis of knowing which fish it is, who cooked it, who bought it to the kitchen, who have caught the fish, where it has come from and did it grow in a good condition i.e a healthy life or a bad life ?

Underlying the terms of making a cheaper product costlier, if a mother is cooking food she knows well whether she's cooking a good or bad ones due to experience making out of its appearance and smell. What can someone who doesn't cooks, just eats it !

So to eat a food we must have a good smartphone which can reads the barcode and connect us to internet to show information about what we are eating, then eat !

So this new way of eating can be called as modern way of eating habits.

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