Oct 27, 2012

360 Degree Panoramic view of 7 Wonders of the World

We all know that the 7 Wonders of World and its significance. Well now you can take a tour at those wonders sitting right at your home with a personal computer and a internet connection. Isn't that awesome ! this is only possible with technology. A live visit is obviously a great experience to see them directly but this is just awesome to view it right away from your home. 

Airpano, this is a website where you can take a tour of all the 7 Wonders of the World right from your place. Not only the 7 Wonders, there are many wonders we just named few as top but there are much more to see, there are about 100 locations of the world where the photographers at airpano had captured. Check the World in panorama view.

360 Panoramic view of Taj Mahal
I think in the near future you can watch it in a holographic view, which is bringing the scene right in from of you making your home a visit to any place, its like bringing the world to your home. How awesome would that be ?

Example of a Holographic view from the movie Star Wars

Source: Airpano
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