Oct 15, 2012


The great Google Blogspot Stats Panic. Google’s stats counters for its blogspots wiped out at Circa 8 P.M. Yesterday. You are not alone in this wipe out. Your popular posts and top post widgets won't work.

As of now there's no official call from Google mentioning about the stats wipe out.Don't worry if your using any other 3rd party site analytics such as Google Analytics or Sitemeter, they all work fine.

 The problem what ever it is as of now we do not know, the Adsense and Google Analaytics work just fine for me and for all my friends whom I just confirmed and blogging this out. To note this is not a problem of the browsers at all its completely from the blogspot platform itself.There's no problem for the Google Page rank too.

I wonder what would have possibly been the problem behind the Google Blogspot Statistics missing ! Surely the blogger support will come up with a answer. What I now think is, what's with the statistics ! I just blog the way I do daily. So get on with the things.

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