Nov 9, 2012

Make your own music with "JAM with Chrome"

JAM with Chrome is a new web application that lets you and your friends (three of them) play music together in real time on Chrome browser. There are 19 different music instruments that you can choose to play, such as acoustic guitars, drum kits, keyboard, and more. JAM with Chrome lets people from all over the world form a band and jam in real time inside the browser.

JAM with Chrome uses HTML5 features to build this web application. The following are the HTML5 features used to develop this JAM: Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas, css3, Google App Engine

How to use Jam with Chrome ?

Directly visit JamwithChrome and enter into the instuments list, then select the instrument you are interested and enjoy your own composition. Or you can even add this application to your chrome extensions by installing it to your browser as an icon and use it.

For more information about this JAM with Chrome read the case study by Oskar Ericsson
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