Nov 14, 2012

Real Time sneakers - Tiger Team

How well are we concerned about the security ? I think most of the time we are ! but sometime we miss few things out, which ultimately is a plot for the thieves to break in our space. To check how secure your space is, you may have tested it by various methods. Among those methods there might be a case of handing this security checking job to the people who break in, to test your security levels. If you have watched a movie named "Sneakers" which is one of the favorite movies of hackers and computer enthusiasts, you'll probably know what this "Tiger Team" does. 

You might feel that your Firm or house might be a place where thieves would get into and steal all your valuable stuff even after you appoint high tech gadgets to monitor the places where your highly valuable things are kept. And for sure most of them are left vulnerable. I remember a documentary on Kevin Mitnick a famous hacker who used to collect huge information out of a dump/garbage's thrown outside some banks, companies and computer rooms which he makes use of them. Obviously we won't monitor our garbage cans!

So here's a team called Tigers who does that job. There's a short series released back in 2007 on TruTV which is now called CourtTV. Tiger Team comprised of Security Audit Specialists Chris Nickerson, Luke McOmie, and Ryan Jones, which is hired to infiltrate organizations with the objective of testing their security levels to electronic, psychological, tactical, and physical threats. Attacks executed on organizations in this television show include social engineering, wired and wireless hacking, and physically breaking into buildings.

They have released two television series :-
S01E02: 24 Karat Caper  <= [WATCH HERE]

I made few searches for this team and found out that the Tiger team is no more as of now and their where about of the team backing up is not available. Well but this series is just awesome to know about and watch them in action. Hope you'll enjoy the episodes if you are a computer enthusiast or a Tech Geek.

So if you have watched the above series or just read the above part of this article, you might notice that there are three people who are important to know about. 
Chris Nickerson
This person is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, whose main area of expertise is focused on Information security and Social Engineering in order to help companies better defend and protect their critical data and key information systems. He has created a blended methodology to assess, implement, and manage information security realistically and effectively. He has done the following certification courses, CISSP, CISA, BS7799, NSA IAM, CCNA, MCSE+I, NCSE. At present he is the founder of Principal Security Consultant. Chris was on the list of top 10 InfoSec in 2010.

Luke McOmie 

He is a Security Professional, a Hacker and a Wannabe DJ. Right now he is a Senior Security Consultant for Alternative Technology. Luke and the Security Services Team help protect and defend hundreds of the world’s largest companies and organizations. He specializes in Risk Analysis and Incident Response but is well versed in everything from Corporate Espionage to Physical Security. He is certified in CISSP, NSA-IAM, NSA-IEM

Ryan Jones:

He is the man behind the physical entrance of the sneaking act. Ryan is a senior security consultant with Trustwave's SpiderLabs. Jones says the five simplest ways to hack into a data center are by crawling through void spaces in the data center walls, lock-picking the door, "tailgating" into the building, posing as contractors or service repairman, and jimmying open improperly installed doors or windows.

Okay, now this is all about the Tiger Team which is not working at present, but the people mentioned above are still securing the paths and closing the vulnerabilities. Chris and Luke often appear in the hacking conferences. So that's all folks. If you are more interested in reading more here I give out some findings below which are very interesting to know about the areas in security.

Ryan's writings Darkshark, Specters and Final Security

Source: Wikipedia, Dark Reading
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