Apr 30, 2014

Tether your way with Android

Android is the boss, it makes me feel like I own a device that's mine. I can control how things work in my mobile.

Recently had an issue with my mobile network that I cannot use my hotspot more than 5GB. When I called the first time to activate an unlimited 4G LTE on my device, the tech support guy said I could have an unlimited internet by paying $30 more than my current billing. I thought it was a good deal for an unlimited internet as he mentioned I can download unlimited but didn't notify me about hotspot or any other terms and conditions even after I ask him if there are any conditions applied.

After a day use I got a push notification saying that I have used 4GB of my hotspot service (I went crazy on the service and used the mobile internet to the core, downloading, watching HD movies, ended up with 4GB/5GB). Again I called the tech support to find out and this time they mention saying the hotspot service is limited but the mobile internet is unlimited. The tech support lady again recommends me to pay more $20 for a 11GB of hotspot and $30 for 25GB hotspot and I didn't even ask for the offers to explain me.

And then I started using my mobile a little less with hotspot service and here comes the charm[Android], I was checking on for the proxy settings if I can do anything about the this tether and found an article written by Daniel Pocock about Android tethering. Google has given an option for the network providers to know when the user exceeds the limit of tethering and mobile internet. Google has even given an option for the users to own their androids too. Finally found the solution for this tethering and won over my network provider.

Worked for me on HTC One m7 [Android 4.4.2].

Here's the solution for your Android to tether:-

For non rooted devices:
[# Must have Android SDK installed on your computer]
>> Settings >> Enable Developer Options
>> Developer options >> Enable USB Debugging
>Connect your Android to computer
> cmd terminal
> # adb shell
> then run this: settings put global tether_dun_required 0

For rooted devices:
> Install SQLite Debugger
> Navigate to the file in SQLite:  /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db
> Enter the database global
> Change the value of field tether_dun_required to 0.

The above method was provided at pmf.silvrback.com

If you want to read more technical information you can visit Daniel Pococks website.

I thank Daniel Pocock for providing this a hack.
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