May 15, 2014

Behind the scenes of RoboCop 2014

You might have watched the movie RoboCop 2014 which is a remake of the RoboCop 1987. The latest one is the franchise of the the original RoboCop with the updated technology in the taking of the making. As the technology is moving forward not only with hardware and software even the computer graphics, fabrication and 3D printing is helping out a lot in the movies. So here comes the RoboCop with a complete new suit and moves.


Making the Robocop suit a reality, piece by piece. Legacy Effects is often tasked with taking a virtual design and making it work in the real world. Check this amazing video below how the Legacy Effects makes the RoboCop suit.

Not a simple task it is to make the suit and work with it, right ! 3D printing, fabrication and few dedicated designers, all it takes for the making of the complete RoboCop suit. Not just making the suit adds the whole picture look good, its not finished yet. Computer Graphics i.e. the VFX adds up the finished product and makes it look beautiful and gives the quality we need. Method Studio brought RoboCop to life. Method generated a 3D Robocop and internal components to show Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnanman) being reassembled. These shots occur in an environment that required digital matte paintings and re-projection to extend the scene filmed on set.

Check out this video on how Method Studio gave the end product

Studio: MGM / Sony Pictures
Director: José Padilha
VFX Supervisors (Method Studios): Nordin Rahhali, Bruce Woloshyn
VFX Producers (Method Studios): Whitney Gearin, Brett Dowler
Method Studios: Los Angeles, Vancouver

Source: Legacy Effects, cgmeetup, wikipedia

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