May 4, 2014

Data produced by you is the ride for the marketing companies

Did you ever think of what happens to the data you produce online ? such as facebook, twitter, items purchased at Amazon, even the groceries that you purchased with your credit cards ?

Do you have a feeling that you are being followed after reading the above lines ! Yes, you are being followed by the trackers, cookies and the bots online. What do you think of the data stored in the facebook servers is going to do ? They are being used back at you to show you the right ads and control the data around. Big data is one of the biggest technology that's been developed lately. Its even been used by the marketers to provide you with the things you need.
Janet Vertesi writes at time, how she tried to keep her pregnancy out of the internet.

Charles Duhigg writes how the companies try to learn your secrets.

How big data learns from the users online.

Recently a report has been published by the White House and warns the dangers of data collectors (Marketers)

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