Jun 27, 2014

Transformers 4 Massive Destruction REVIEW

Well yeah, all the technology and Sci-Fi fans new film of Transformers is released. The saga continues all is that I can say about the new one. No disappointments with the movie, new look for the transformers with the showcase of the Dinobots and a new technology invented by humans and created Galvetron ( I don't want to break the suspense of who Galvetron is, Watch the movie and you'll know it). We can hear Optimus saying "This is not war, its human extinction" in the trailers but the movie is same as other series with more action showcasing extinction supporting the tag line.

Movie starts of with where Transformers 3 has ended showing the creators entering the earth, create dinobots and the extinction of dinosaurs was blamed to be the transformers. We can find whole new autobots and new transformers along with our devilish bounty hunter Lockdown, he looks more powerful than OP with his own ship to travel across the universe and collecting the bots like OP who disavow the reason for their creating.

Well this is all the story. I was really disappointed with the hero side story as Wahlberg showing lot of parenting to Nikola. But rest all the action is non-stop, you can find much more action than Transformer 3. Non-fans of the movie would not like much because of all new things in the movie.

And transformers is not yet done, its transformers 5 in the row.

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