Nov 27, 2014

Android phone and iPhone wallpaper collection

I always found of how the look of the smartphones can be more appealing. Its the background wallpaper of the devices. For a while you feel bored of seeing the wallpaper and change it often. So I found this android application which changes the wallpapers that we select for the interval we select to change.

And now I can add as many as wallpapers to my collection and keep changing them automatically without any of my action utilizing my battery usage a little and its not much either. Uses a 41MB of my RAM and it runs as a background application. Its called Muzei. It has many extensions to use too for the wallpapers but uses your network bandwidth to download the wallpaper. So I best decided to use my disk space for the wallpapers and change them for every 6 hours or what ever you choose.

Here are the custom wallpapers I made for my HTC One m7 and can be used on any phone. I gave them to my friends and found them good on Nexus 5, iPhone 5 & 5s and the latest one iPhone 6. So most of the smartphones can have these wallpapers.

Right click on the images >> Save As.

I made these designs based on the latest wallpaper trends and the Android Lollipop design trends.
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