Demon's Tech is a blog where I[Dinesh Valmiki] write about my tech journey. I've created this blog to share the technology around us. We can find technology everywhere from the moment your wake up to the moment you sleep. As of now the technology has advanced and is in the level we need to understand the basics of it to reproduce it. So I here write about the life I spent myself using and living technology. My interest is about the technology used in everything, it might be any field.

"Hacking is not about learning, its about reproducing" The reason why I've mentioned about hacking is because, it has taken a new meaning for inventing. There are many definitions which have defined hacking, but it can be anything like breaking and devising a new idea. Writing on papers and producing articles would just be a paper of information but making it is what I call it as Hacking.

I explore and give out what I explore. I believe in "Information is Power" and its available everywhere, what it all takes is finding the right information.
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